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Welcome to a hotel that suits YOU

As a host to Wadahl we wish you  welcome in the middle of one of Norway’s finest mountain areas. Wadahl FAMILYHOTEL offers everything an active family can wish for summer and winter activities. Wadahl SPORTSHOTEL offers ski and training collections for groups and teams who wish for a collective offer, and as a CULTURE HOTELS we provide you with Peer Gynt, local short-sighted dining experiences and genuine experiences in a traditional setting.

The good room feeling


Treat yourself with some luxury

The hotel’s indoor swimming pool has long opening hours and invites you to both a morning bath and a wonderful swim after the day’s outdoor activities. In the summer you can also take a refreshing
dip (if you are tough enough) in one of the many mountain waters.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner


The club – for everyone
between 0
and a little grown up

What’s the club really? The club is the name of our children’s club indoors at Wadahl where we find lots of fun and strange things like Danish ball, drawing and painting, theater and plays, dance, stage fun. We have a watercourse that walks around the hotel’s rooms as the children win it for a day at a time, and sometimes we even arrange accommodation with the club! And at Easter we have a big costumeparty outdoors where almost the whole hotel is with!

It is a club every school holiday, except summer vacation. Thus, both the autumn holiday, the holiday season, the winter holiday and the Easter holidays. The club is for everyone between 0 and a little grown up and is a great place to meet the other children in the hotel. You meet both new and old friends. We who run the club are Patrick and Bård, and we are two guys from Oslo who are at Wadahl in all the holidays so that the children in the hotel will have the best vacation and bring some good memories. And we have as much fun as the kids!

The club is an in-house offer for the children after they have been skiing with their parents or grandparents or who they are on holiday with, and after a little swim in the pool for those who want it. That’s good with a little club before dinner. And then we’ll see you again after dinner for another round of club, while the adults eat their food and relax with a coffee and so on. We are at the very bottom of the hotel. Just go down all the stairs you’ll find, so you’ll hear us sure … Or ask someone to show your way the first time.

The club is open every day from 17:30 to 18:30 and 20:00 to 21:00 in all school holidays, except for the summer vacation.

Hope to see you! Sincerely, Patrick and Bård.